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About Our Data Center

Since 2010 we are providing hosting solution to our customer. In the year 2012 we have build our 1st inhouse data center in West Bengal as an experimental data center. ServerStall is our 2nd data center in Berhampore. Our main goal is to provide cost-effective hosting solution to our customer. In experimental time we have developed our own custom server also design rack as per our requirement. Experiment with new technology is going on in our research center. Our mission is to provide industry-leading Web hosting services our customers so we always use high quality of server hardware to minimize the risk of downtime.

ServerStall data center design to provide you customized solution based on your specific business need. The data center infrastructure has an option a number of different hosting configurations which allow you to choose your requirement and save money. Our Backup, Storage and support service can assure of business continuity at all times. Our Network Operation Center always ready for technical or logistical support and is staffed by highly trained and experienced engineers and technicians. They have years of industry experience in networking hardware (Routing, switching, firewall) and Server Hardware.

India Data Center

We own and operate ServerStall Data Center and offering a comprehensive interconnection services support, protecting and connecting some of the world’s most demanding and critical business infrastructure. In our data center Multiple Carrier Neutral bandwidth provider connected to ensure 100 network availability. We take 30 minutes for Hardware replacement and help you to upgrade or downgrade ram and hard disk any time you want. We offer vast choices of operating system from linux to windows. Both 32bit and 64bit infrastructure. Support Team are available 27/7 in our data center to keep your server running. All of our servers are fully customizable you can chose hardware as per your need. Option will be given to choose RAM, Hardware, operating system & control panel at the time of order. We have multiple bandwidth providers so that we can provide you a 100% network uptime. They are connected using bgp, ospf routing configuration

Data Center Technology & Features

Here is the top reason to choose the ServerStall as your service provider.

Multihomed Network Connection

We have fully redundant network in our data center. There are multiple bandwidth providers they are connected with full BGP and OSPF configuration. We use only Cisco Router and switches to get the best performance. The devices configure such a way if there is a failure in one link all traffic will goes to another without a single minute of down time. In order to minimized the downtime we also implement a monitoring system by which we monitor every server 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whenever one server is unreachable we alerted from our system.

Redundant Power Supply

Power is the most important element in every data center. Power outages can cause equipment failure and data lose. Crucially system availability depends on the power availability of a data center. The main power availability of a data enter depend on the power source from the utility, the backup generator and UPS System. In our data center we have all of those features to have 100% power availability. We have redounded UPS and Power supply. Each server connected with 2 electric power source with dual power supply system.

Redundant Cooling System

Most modern enterprise data center face a number of cooling system challenges. The cooling system should be scalable with redundant cooling features to have steady performance. As we are running a mission critical service we take care of cooling solution very carefully. Our parallel redundancy system ensure your equipment always receive the cooling it needs to run with its best level of performance. We have design and deployed a advance HVAC cooling system which providing both the proper temperature and an adequate quantity of air.

Highly Secure Facilities

The data center is located in highly secure zone which protected with security cameras, entry access control, security alarms, 24/7 security guards and Physical security. We have installed surveillance cameras around the perimeter of building. The security system included with motion-detection device, low light cameras and PTZ cameras which helps to monitor the security issues very easily. We record and store the footage offside of our data center for future use. Entry to the data center is very limited only authorized person can enter the data center. Our data center access is divided with different zone and one cannot access any one zone with the correct permission. A security personal is available 24/7 to authorized entry in the main entrance..

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